Darren Keast Photography

Stay Dry

A boy jumps in a puddle along a sidewalk while playing in the rain.

The Waiting Game

A photographer waits under Bethesda Terrace trying to capture subjects walking down stairs in Central Park.

Looking up Monroe

Look west along Monroe into downtown Chicago from an overhead foot bridge.

Over the Glasses

Taking a break sitting on a window sill outside Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois.

Farm Fresh

A woman talking at her cell phone in a window seat at a restaurant in downtown Chicago.

Gone Fishin'

A man work the streets for a dollar at a time in downtown Chicago.

Capturing Angles

A photographer works different positions near the immense facility at the Pritzker Pavilion in Chicago.


Pink shoes. That is all.

Having a Ball

A busker works his trade at Bethesda Tiles in Central Park with a crowd gathering.

Middle Distance

A couple lost in each other sitting on a park bench at Prague Castle.

On Schedule

A man checks his smartphone while waiting to board his train at Grand Central Terminal in New York.

Inside the Shark

A man walking around in a shark suit trying to make money in old town Prague, Czech Republic.


A young couple, oblivious to the world around them, take a selfie. Taken in the courtyard of Prague Castle.

Out of Context

A boy points and laughs at a grown up after he is sprayed with water while working at a family store in the Naschmarket.

Going Shopping

A resident of the village of Telc, Czech Republic walks to the historic town centre.

People Watching

A salesman at fine clothiers stands in the store entrance while taking a cigarette break in Prague, Czech Republic.


A couple remain lost in each other on a park bench alongside Prague Castle.

Blues and Greens

Two men walking along the street in Dubai wearing blue and green as a truck also passes in blue and green.

Morning Sun

A man walks into the strong morning sun with a shirt covering his head in downtown Chicago.

Penitent Man

A beggar kneels on the cobblestone ground near the Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic.

Old Town Sax

A street musician works the saxophone near the old town square in Prague, Czech Republic.

Walking in the Rain

Walking the streets of Chicago at the end of a rainstorm.


A couple are oblivious to anyone around them as the sun rises on the Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic.


A woman with bright red hair walks beneath an advertising poster on the streets of Prague, Czech Republic.

Coffee and a Selfie

A man taking the obligatory selfie underneath "Cloud Gate", more commonly called "The Bean".

Waiting to Cross

A woman with an umbrella waiting to cross at South LaSalle and West Adams in Chicago.

On Delivery

A worker transports boxes containing pots through the main section of the gold souq in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.