Darren Keast Photography

Upper West Residence

The repetitious views of life in the upper west side of New York City.

Valet Parking

A parking valet seems unimpressed with street photography in downtown Chicago.

Harsh Mountain Shadow

The sun creates a distinct shadow as it rises on the mountains on the outskirts of Jasper, Alberta.

Capturing Angles

A photographer works different positions near the immense facility at the Pritzker Pavilion in Chicago.

Out of Context

A boy points and laughs at a grown up after he is sprayed with water while working at a family store in the Naschmarket.

Cobblestone Shortcut

A man walks along a back alley along the cobblestone streets of Prague, Czech Republic.

On Schedule

A man checks his smartphone while waiting to board his train at Grand Central Terminal in New York.

The Old City

Classic architectural lines in the old city portion of Philadelphia.

People Watching

A salesman at fine clothiers stands in the store entrance while taking a cigarette break in Prague, Czech Republic.

Empty Streets

Main streets are abandoned during the running of the downtown Vienna marathon.


The deteriorating Passenger Car #683 in the railway boneyard.

Penitent Man

A beggar kneels on the cobblestone ground near the Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic.

Old Town Sax

A street musician works the saxophone near the old town square in Prague, Czech Republic.

City Walk

A woman walks on the cobblestone streets through historic architecture of old town Prague, Czech Republic.

Cobblestone Sidewalk

A woman walks alongside archways on a cobblestone sidewalk in Prague, Czech Republic.

Final Clouds

Low and mid-level cloud burns off as the sun rises in the Rocky Mountains south of Jasper, Alberta.

On a Break

Guitars await the return of the band with a lone amplifier overlooking a nearby valley near Graham, Texas.

Historic Moment

An actor portraying Benjamin Franklin stands in the courtyard of Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Last Fog

The remaining cloud and fog burn off in an area of the Rocky Mountains near Jasper, Alberta.

Oil Storage

A small oil storage site in a remote area near Graham, Texas.

Mountain Angles

The curves of two mountain ranges intersect near the base in the Rocky Mountains.

Cobblestone Streets

Looking down the historic cobblestone streets near Independence Hall in the old town section of Philadelphia at sunset.

On Target

A laser sight cuts through smoke on a dynamic entry demonstration at the book launch of "APOK" by Michael Walton. This is an updated version of a previously posted image.

Bold Mountain

A mountain just west of Calgary, Alberta entering the south entrance to the Rocky Mountains.

USS Intrepid

USS Intrepid (CVS-11) moored at its permanent home on the west side of Manhattan.

Street Artist

An artist works his canvas on the sidewalks of Ottawa, Canada near the Parliament Buildings.

The Intersection

Looking north along the main line to an intersection and turn in the distance.

Over the Glasses

Taking a break sitting on a window sill outside Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois.

Lone Cover

Fog engulfs an abandoned shed as a lone tree overhangs the long forgotten structure in a snow covered field.

Gone Fishin'

A man work the streets for a dollar at a time in downtown Chicago.

Inside the Shark

A man walking around in a shark suit trying to make money in old town Prague, Czech Republic.

Hillside Sunset

The sun sets along the west side of Skaha Lake near Penticton, British Columbia.

Farm Fresh

A woman talking at her cell phone in a window seat at a restaurant in downtown Chicago.

Stay Dry

A boy jumps in a puddle along a sidewalk while playing in the rain.